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  1. Hi All,

    I have the split text animation working ok, scroll trigger is ok. I just need to set my code up to so I can have multiple paragraph tags <p> per page or section. The idea is that I can drop another paragraph element in, slap a class on it and it will reveal when itself is in the viewport.

    Currently, I seem to be triggering the lot of elements, rather than a single p element on scroll.


    Please see code pen attached, Hopefully it is straight forward. Thanks in Advance.


    See the Pen poZoQZK by windpixel (@windpixel) on CodePen

  2. I want to have multiple containers which on mouse enter plays the child animation and on mouse leave reverses the child animation.

    I have a pen attached setup, but it plays the animation on all child elements of the same class. So need just a relative way to reference the child so it plays the animation no matter how many containers I have. I hope that makes sense.

    My first post, and very new to GSAP, so thanks in advance for everything you guys do in the community.

    See the Pen BaJvgvM by windpixel (@windpixel) on CodePen