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  1. Ah, I'm starting to see the problem... So, hypothetically if I was to brute force my way through this, I would have to join all the paths of the black outlines so they're one path, then morph all the outlines. Whilst, simultaneously run another morph of all the highlight outlines (yellow, blue and red), so that it looks like the SVG's (which are now two separate paths) are morphing. Would that make sense? Quick side question, can I change the SVG colour in SVG morph? OR is this something that I will have to do in a separate function?
  2. what elements can I use for the animation exactly? can I use <object> tags? as the SVGs are files that are made available from a backend and cant be hard coded into SVG tags.
  3. Hi Caddie, I've made a CodePen of the animation I'm trying to get to work found here. Thank you for the response, this has been bugging me for hours.
  4. Hi All, I'm working on a Pokemon Ml project and I wanted a unique loading screen... so here I am, in the home of unique fe projects. To set the stage I've had some Pokemon SVGs drawn up and I wanted to use morphSVG to morph between the loading Pokemon. The Issue is, I have about ten of them that are sent in a random batch of three from the Be to the Fe, so it's always a new loader animation. (shown below). This is where I'm having some issues, as I'm not used to using useRef or Ts with react (its kind of a learning project for me ). Whilst also being relatively new to GSAP. Heres my code, please if you have any suggestions throw them out there... its greatly appreciated, as I'm unsure about best practices with GSAP Also here is a link to my repo if thats easier Thank you in advance its really appreciated, Codie-Wan