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  1. I can confirm that. Without ScrollSmoother it goes well. Tested on Safari and Chrome It also work well for me without the normalizeScroll too
  2. Ok very clear thank you @Cassie, i thought i could nest other ScrollTriggers targeting different elements and not the one that pins the whole thing. Regarding the problem on iOS.. if someone has a way to fix it feel free to share, i can't find a way out from this at the moment
  3. Thanks Jack @GreenSock but i've already done it on the demo because i read about iOS issues , and it improved the navigation a bit. But unfortunetly didn't solved the problem.. Other operations i may do? @OSUblake i've created the demo fast and i didn't put the right attention on nesting, you right. Tipically i do nest ScrollTrigger only if i want a specific item to start the animation in a different point of the viewport.. i hope that doesn't still a bad habit! 😂
  4. Hello everyone! I'm working on a project where i had the chance to use ScrollSmoother combined with ScrollTrigger. On desktop everything works wonderfully and even on mobile but only if it is an Android one. Seems like that ScrollSmoother on iOS mobile devices makes the stuff in the pinned section "glitching" / moving up and down while scrolling on them. I tried to apply normalize scroll and anticipate pin, and it got better but the glitch still remains. I assume is something i'm missing with scrollSmoother settings cause if i disable it on touch devices everything goes well. From the demo you can test it out if you have an iPhone. You'll notice the glitch at all by scrolling slower in the middle(red) section. I'd like to understand if my settings are incorrect for scrollSmoother and pinning effect or if the right way to solve this is to completely disable the plugin on touch devices. Thanks in advance to everyone that will try to help!
  5. Thank you for the smart solution @OSUblake. !
  6. Hello everyone I'm having issues on updating a common value between two timelines. The first should make my element appear using a simple timeline and the second one with scrollTrigger should pin the element and make it disappear while scrolling using scrub prop. As you can see from my example when i start scrolling, the second timeline doesn't affect my element style. When you scroll out the viewport though the element goes from opacity: 1 to opacity: 0 instantly and never appears again. I checked out the documentation for a solution but i can't figure out how to fix that. I hope i've been clear enough! Thanks in advance to everyone that will help.