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  1. How can i make vertical rounded carousel using gsap in react js without using jQuery
  2. Gsap ScrollTrigger Snap disturbing the whole app while I'm a using it only in a single component It snaps different sections automatically up and down is there any solution for this? const panels = gsap.utils.toArray("#panels-container .panel"); tween = gsap.to(panels, { xPercent: -100 * (panels.length - 1), ease: "none", scrollTrigger: { trigger: "#panels-container", pin: true, start: "top top", scrub: 1, snap: { snapTo: 1 / (panels.length - 1), inertia: true, duration: { min: 0.1, max: 0.1 }, }, end: () => "+=" + (panelsContainer.offsetWidth - innerWidth) } });
  3. Hi There! I am new in. using gsap but i like it. I am trying to make pages scroll page by page through scrolltrigger all is working perfectly but i want to speed up snap speed from one to another. I not mean this by scrolling speed the speed when we leave the scroll and then snap take the while to set. Is there any solution for this