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  1. Jack. Thank you. It's not (of course) what I had hoped to hear, but thank you so much for taking the time to craft such an informative response. I see the challenges and problems. Thank you for understanding the value of a WYSIWYG experience and that there are those of us who drown in the coding window. To that end, should the Greensock team ever consider it's own WYSIWYG editor, know that there are those of us who would gladly contribute to that Kickstarter campaign. Even if it just had the sophistication of Flash 4, it would be an incredible tool. I understand the importance of Adobe wanting this before you spend any time on it. I will see if I can make the case. Thanks for all you do to make our stuff look and run better.
  2. Because you are one of the people who knew Flash and understood what made it great, I thought I'd ask. I was originally going to title this post "Any chance Greensock could replace CreateJS in AnimateCC?" Then I realized what I was asking was a little bigger. However, that is the gist of what I'm wondering. Is there a way to use the Greensock library as the engine that drives the animation when publishing from AnimateCC instead of CreateJS? The CreateJS library isn't getting updates (worse than Flash and Air). It's slow on mobile. Interaction is unbearably laggy. It's essentially unusable for any decent experience. But Greensock has always been the bleeding edge of speed, efficiency and stability. If it were powering all the timeline tweens and interactions when users published to html5, Flash could again be a viable tool for creating animation and games on the web. The Flash tool provided a wonderful GUI with which to create animation and games for coders and noncoders alike. When you published, it just worked. Nearly a decade after its 'death' we still haven't found a suitable replacement. Greensock is great. But there are those of us who find it prohibitively difficult to animate with code. And maybe I should just be asking for a Greensock GUI that has a timeline and MovieClips like Flash. But Animate is there. And it might just need the power and performance of Greensock to make it live again.
  3. Sorry, nevermind. If you set the bgColor to black, it actually puts black in there. Didn't see that I had that in the VideoLoader. My bad.
  4. I'm using loadermax to load a combination of flv's and f4vs. The flv's are used because they have an alpha channel. However, the alpha channels of the flv's are not working. Instead of seeing transparency, I get black. Is this because loadermax uses StageVideo? Or is there another reason? And more importantly, is there a workaround for this? I mean I suppose I could embed the flv's in swfs and load those, but I'm hoping for something more elegant. I love using loadermax to load this stuff. I hope there is a way I can make this work. Thanks in advance.
  5. So I'm basing my code off the code in the tutorial you did on active tuts. Thanks! We're trying to create a 'stream' of videos that play sequentially. I'm very excited to be using loadermax for this. Thanks so much for helping me solve so many of the loading issues. In our situation, unlike the tutorial, we will not be looping through a list of videos. Instead, every 5 minutes or so, I'll be calling the server to update the queue of videos. I'm planning on simply appending the new videos to the queue of videos I already have. So I need to be able to unload each video after it plays. How do I properly remove each video from the queue and avoid memory leaks? Thanks for your help on this. And thanks for the code. Your stuff makes my stuff more solid.
  6. nevermind. solved it: allowMalformedURL:true silly malformed facebook urls.
  7. I'm loading in an array (using loadermax as well, thanks!) which contains links to some facebook videos and i'd like to queue them up with loadermax. i'm hacking together some code based on the tutorial you helped with here. i get the following error: ---- Error on VideoLoader 'myVideo3' (http://video.ak.fbcdn.net//cfs-ak-prn1//v//611182//748//10151093028945843_20102.mp4?oh=2d61fa37f6a76e667a93767da7ac99f7&oe=5085B2D1&__gda__=1350940320_f137165199e04b3bf2a087d0624cf2d5): NetStream.Play.StreamNotFound ---- can you please help me understand what i did wrong here? thanks! var queue:LoaderMax = new LoaderMax({onComplete:completeHandler, maxConnections:1}); var tempLoad:VideoLoader; for (var i=0; i<tempDataArray.length; i++) { var videoString = tempDataArray[i].video as String; tempLoad = new VideoLoader(videoString,{name:"myVideo" + i,width:720,height:406,scaleMode:"proportionalInside",centerRegistration:true,bgColor:0x000000,autoPlay:false,volume:0,requireWithRoot:this.root,estimatedBytes:75000}); queue.append(tempLoad); } queue.load();