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  1. Hi guys, I'm working on a project website for a friend of mine who is a musician and is going to release a new album in May. I am responsible to implement the site's features and technology. I got a reference for the Weeknd's site from my friend and then I manage to find your post. I am no GSAP expert and I've been having some trouble getting the site to work nice and stable. As you can see here the site runs laggy and after you pass through the scroll trigger component it starts to have all sorts of glitches. At first, I thought the video was the main cause of the troubles but after some testing, I figured it wasn't. I'm using react and already tested with a vanilla version but with no success. Probably I'm not using the correct ending method for the LandingPageScrollTrigger function. Another problem I'm having is that I needed some of these sliding pictures to behave as links and have anchor tags in them. Unfortunately, if I add the <a> tag to the elements in the ImgWrapper the images won't move at all. Thanks so much for your time, I have my code on Github and will have no problem in giving you access to it. Please let me know. Cheers, Eduardo