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  1. Hello humans, I am building a range input Vue component, like so many before me. Nothing fancy, but it should behave perfectly. It has to: be draggable ✅️, react on up-right/down-left (not in demo) ✅️, gracefully snap to mouse position when mousedown on the slider 'path' ❌️ and continue dragging ✅️, and also gracefully snap to mouse position on click on the slider 'path' (or rather to the nearest snap point) ❌️. But it: Jumps all over the path when mousedown--move a bit--mouse stop (and similar combinations of movement). Overshoots, or stops moving on mouseup without reaching the mouse. About the code: I omitted a lot of updating the styles on drag and such, but I did leave a couple of examples how I would go about it, i.e. using gsap.getProperty(slider.target, ...) so you can tell me if it should be done differently. I am accessing the slider target via slider.target because this is logging as udefined in my Vue SFC with <script setup> sugar. Any ideas about that? Another question is regarding updating Draggable. I sprinkled a couple of onComplete: slider.update to try and keep everything in sync, but I didn't achieve much. Or did I? How to unglitch it? Help me understand. Stevan