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  1. okk i'm going to post there and see if anyone got a solution for my problem. thanks for the help and quick response!
  2. hi guys! my problem is, that my lottie animations, which are combined with a scrolltrigger sometimes start to flick in safari. the flickering only appears above a certain viewport. as i said sometimes the flicking happens sometimes not. i already tried to just make the animation not fullscreen, but unfortunately it doesn't help at all. i also noticed, that the flickering is much worse if i visit the site on a ultrawide display. i also thought about just implementing the animations as videos, but there are like 6 animations on one page, so i didn't want to let the loading time explode. in the demo i haven't noticed any flickering so, if u want to see the full page: www.sterngasse.at
  3. alright, thought of that already! how can i accomplish a convert of svg to canvas? i heard of pixi.js already but are there simpler solution related to gsap animations? thanks in advance!
  4. oh sorry my mistake! should be verified now 😀
  5. i got safari 15.2, i also tried it on many different devices - always the same problem. you need to run the codepen on fullscreen on a display with high resolution then you should see the star lagging
  6. hi, i got a few animations linked to a scrolltrigger, which work absolutely fine with every browser. but in safari if the screen is over a certain width the animations sometimes start to flick or just lag. i already tried to just animate them automatically (without scrolltrigger), but it seems like not the scrolltrigger is the problem. i think that svg's require more performance in safari or something like that? so the question is how can i fix my animations, for safari? it also seems like the animation works fine unless u got a 4k or higher screen. thanks in advance!