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  1. Hi there, I've found a demo from Gsap working with scrollTrigger, but I wanted to change some stuff which i've not been able to. I want to achieve that when i scroll, some sections appear from some side (previously indicated) and once pinned, run a function (if there's hidden text) that fades out the actual visible text and fades in the next hidden text, and same with the third hidden text. Once done with the third text, continue with scrolling sections... Should i create a scrollTrigger for every section then? Is it possible to achieve it? I've been trying to do it with the codepen attached... And also i viewed something similar with locomotiveScroll, but i'd like to do it with only scrolltrigger Many thanks
  2. Hi Jack, yes, i wanted to say Draggable but I was distracted and wrote InertiaPlugin haha I'll try what you say Thanks
  3. Hi there! I've searching for some information about inertia plugin and if it would be possible to move more than one element at the same time and found nothing :/ The idea was to select some elements (for example with cmd+click) and then grab them and move them at the same time. In the codepen above i've made an example with hexagons(open it in codepen/new tab for better performance), you should click on the left list to add some of them... Could this be achieved with gsap and intertia plugin? Many thanks
  4. Hi y'all! I've been trying for a few days to get my sections working horizontally and vertically (https://codepen.io/EricCV/pen/wvPQXKB?editors=0010) with snap to the next or prev section(depending if you're scrolling down or up), but i'm not able to get it My logic tells me that it is not possible at all to have the first scrolled animation (the blue/white/orange svg) and then snap the sections but i'm not an expert and I tried everything😓 I only make it work in one direction, not both (https://codepen.io/EricCV/pen/JjOeZPL?editors=0010) Another option could be to do it in this way (https://codepen.io/EricCV/pen/dyZQKKE) but snapping the slides Any idea to try something? I'm stuck and I need some push I've created three different codepens to show the options I've tried to achieve it... Any help would be appreciated... Also any feedback to improve my gsap code would be perfect Many thanks