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  1. Hello! In my example, on mouse click, two svg dots are raised. I would like to animate each of them individually so that each one has a random duration. Is it possible?
  2. Romanus

    smooth scrolling

    Hello! I found a smooth scrolling site. All elements move very smoothly. I googled for a long time, but did not even find a similar example. Any ideas how this can be repeated? https://www.sweetpunk.com/en/
  3. Romanus

    variable target

    I redid my example. It works perfect. But I feel like I've chosen the wrong path. It turns out that I create a new timeline for each page. What if there are 10 or 50? It seemed to me that choosing a variable as a target and changing it depending on the page would be the right solution, but I did not succeed. I am new to GSAP and would like to understand how to make the animation code as short and scalable as possible. Please look at my code and tell me how to fix it.
  4. Romanus

    variable target

    Please show with an example how to update the timeline correctly. I would like to be able to play it in reverse when pressed again.
  5. Romanus

    variable target

    Hello! Please help me understand how it works. My goal: I click on the Page1 button - Page1 opens, I click again - it closes. And so with any Page. I specified a variable as target. When I click on the button, I change its value and play the animation. But GSAP doesn't see the new value. How to do it right?
  6. In your example, pause after each play. I would like to make a smooth animation, like in the example that demonstrated
  7. https://codepen.io/anthonysimone/pen/JmRKzz
  8. Hello! I am trying to make an animation of the stars. I don't know how to make them rotate out of sync. Below is the example I am trying to reproduce
  9. Romanus


    Hello! I found a very good example and want to use it in my project. It uses TweenMax and staggerFromTo. It seems these functions are already deprecated. Please help to adapt this example to the modern syntax. I can't solve this problem for a long time
  10. Romanus

    Animation break

    Hello! I am writing through google translator. Sorry if I'm not making my point clear. I made a menu animation on the timeline. She works well. But if you close the menu immediately after opening, and immediately open it again (press 3 times quickly on the menu button), the animation is displayed very poorly. Please tell me what am I doing wrong
  11. https://codepen.io/romanusss/pen/wvPYpyw I made an example. All markers move and never collide. If you remove the 2 lines in the Parallax block that I wrote about above, everything works, except for the Parallax effect.
  12. Hello! I write through GOOGLE translator. I'm sorry for the mistakes The animation worked perfectly until I added: overflow-x:hidden; overflow-y: auto; to any block. When I add this, a strange problem appears. ALL markers start to move up and down after the scroll. Also the animation doesn't work until I manually resize the screen. First, I scroll until the animation fires, it does not work, I stretch or shrink the screen, and it works. This problem appears on ALL animations after adding these two lines to ANY block. If I remove overflow the problem completely disappears. help me please