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  1. Hi, Jonathan, Thanks for ur reminder. it's really helpful. Thanks!!!
  2. Hi, Diaco, Thanks for the awsome reply, it's truly a cool & helpful reference. Wish u guys have a perfect day. Thanks!!
  3. Hi, Jack, Thanks for ur reply. I've already tried that, but the blurry still exsist. this is another CodePen, http://codepen.io/WW/pen/yOeZNK/ the doings i've tried were: A: set the span font-size double, and scale it to 0.5. B: set the span font-size double, then, append a div to wrap the span and scale the wrap div to 0.5. C: scale the span to 2, then, append a div to wrap the span and scale the wrap div to 0.5. but, all of these not working. is there something wrong? Thanks a lot.
  4. Hi, Guys, My CodePen's here: http://codepen.io/WW/pen/NNxEXm While the mouse moving on body, there's a little blurry happening with text. is there any possible to remove the blurry? Thanks for ur kindly help.
  5. Thank u JamieJafferson & Dave. I'll try both ways to solve my problems. Thanks for ur answers.
  6. Is it possible that make a tween on font-weight while a div was hovered? here's my codepen: http://codepen.io/WW/pen/rgieo but, it's not smooth enough. it just change so suddenly. Does anyone has any idea on it? Thanks for ur help ^^ & sorry for a stupid question.
  7. WOW~~ that's a pretty good angle that i didn't considered. thanks Carl! thanks for your clearly explaination~~ wish u have a nice weekend
  8. About my "more question", i found the "TweenMax.set()" can prevent this problem, another codepen here : http://codepen.io/WW/pen/tvfsH hope this can help some one who's a newbie just like me.
  9. Hi, Johnnathan & Carl Thanks u guys for helping. To Johnnathan: Let me get this straight. so, it means the x i got in onStart() is GW's original x that before tweening occurred? and, after setting the immediateRender to false, the onStart() running later than tween's that can get tween's begining x? To Carl: Is this a synchronous problem? especially in from()? one more question, I click GW in crazy fast speed, ( i know it's unnormal testing, but my boss told me had to do that ) at last, the tween x became 50 to 49.999xxxxx,(it looks like no moving) not 50 to 0 anymore why? if everything's normal, shouldn't it just always from 50 to 0 position? (codepen here: http://codepen.io/WW/pen/gxGfp ) sorry for so many question, Thanks again
  10. Hi, all There's a stupid problem stuck me few hours already, ><" here's the problem : I try to get the X value of a element called 'GW' after I tweened it, whether I use "_gsTransform.x" or "css('margin-left')" or something else... the console just shows 0. so, how does the x axis tweening works in greensockJS? ues position? or use offset? becuse i don't know how to get the "GW" X axis value ><" my codepen as below : http://codepen.io/WW/pen/gxGfp Thanks a lot !! PS: sorry about my suck English, so... i'm afraid u guys don't know what I'm talking about = =" but, I'll be vary grateful for ur help. Thanks again. ^^
  11. WOW!!! that's what i'm looking for!!! u guys rock!!! Thanks all fo u~~
  12. I use the TweenMax plugin to Tween a DIV, and it must use position:relative in CSS or the DIV won't tween. so, i just wanna finding the answer of the layout of a website might broken or not after add the position:relative attribute ? PS: I'm a rookie frome AS3 to html. Sorry for the weird Question ^^"..
  13. Is there any possible that no need to use the position relative in greensockJS?
  14. WOW~~ Thanks for such a helpful replying.
  15. I found 2 discussion: 1.mask image: It's pity that just works on webkit browsers http://thenittygritty.co/css-masking 2.clip: It works in IE(10.0.9200), FF(21.0), Safari(5.17), Chorme(27.0) http://forums.greensock.com/topic/7796-animating-container-smaller-but-have-child-same-size-not-moving-with-container/?hl=crop#entry29738 If anyone has better resolves please let me know. Thanks a lot.