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  1. Rephrasing this: with the latest solution you proposed, it cannot be possible to have a number of `card` divs that is equal to the `cardsToShow` variable, which is exactly the use case I'm after
  2. Thanks so much! However, I'm finding difficult to show the number of cards I actually have: let's say I have 4 cards in my code and I want to show 4, this way it only shows three. Is that possible? I tried changing the values in the code but the only thing it does is messing up the animation
  3. Hey @Cassie, thanks for the prompt response! What I mean is that by adding more cards you 'lose' the opportunity to display them as you're only displaying the first three. Is there a workaround for that?
  4. I've tried implementing the solution proposed but it only works for a card stack of three cards (the example I' tryin to make work has four or five cards). I tried debugging it but I cannot seem to get it, any explanation on that behaviour? Btw, insane job on that @mark.tingson and @GreenSock !