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  1. Louisa

    snow particles

    Hello Carl! I was thinking of a light snowfall gently falling in a gentle breeze! I have the effect working in AS but I thought it would be nice to have the same effect on the iPad, etc too! Thanks!
  2. Louisa

    snow particles

    Hello!! Is it at all possible to recreate the AS falling snow effect in using GSAP? I have a really simple winter animation which would look much better with falling snow. Thanks! Louisa
  3. Louisa

    parallax scrolling

    Thanks again Randall!! Just got it working and it's brilliant!!
  4. Louisa

    parallax scrolling

    I'm having a little trouble working out how to get it working!!! Do I change the 'css:{left :'-' ? Thanks!!!
  5. Louisa

    parallax scrolling

    Thanks Randall! Brilliant!!!! I spent quite a few very frustrating days trying to work out how to achieve a parallax scroll, so thank you so much for the above (and it's with Greensocks )!! Haven't tried it yet but it's on todays to do list! Again 'brilliant!' and thanks!!!
  6. Louisa

    parallax scrolling

    Hello! The new release looks brilliant!!!!! So exciting!!!! Little question... Is parallax scrolling possible using GSAP? Absolutely love the effect but just can't manage to work out how to do it across all browsers! Thanks! Louisa