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  1. I am trying to make something like thisI want to set specific position of x if value of drag on x axis is greater than defined number everything is working just fine but without transition or I can say without bounceEffect . Additionally I also want to reset position of draggable element on focusLost
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    How to ignore a certain element inside the targeted element?
  3. I have an unordered list of items, I am also appending more items in the respective list dynamically. As you can see in the below example that the drag only working on click (because I made it to do so). Is there any way to use event delegation without adding eventListener. Note - I am using event delegation because I am dynamically appending elements in the list.
  4. I got the bounce effect as I wanted. But there is something more I want to know, How can I trigger an animation only if we leave drag from a certain directions i.e I have an animation I want it to occur only if I left dragging from left direction. https://codepen.io/NikalLawde/pen/PoOeYba As you can see above the animation is occuring both time even I leave the drag from right direction or left direction.
  5. Thanks for the solution!! But just a minor problem, even after tweaking some values I am still not getting the good bounce effect. Can you also adjust that too?? Thanks in advance for that also.
  6. the onDragEnd function is not working? Also what I want to achieve is that I want to prevent dragging in left as well as in right direction with animation or specifically with slight bounce animation. If I am not using boundsprop everything is working just fine.