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  1. I updated the example on CodePen and made it minimal. I want the menu to work according to the example from this site: https://astoncm.com/ That is, menu items appear first and when you close it, they simply disappear along with the menu, without reverse. And the animation was played again when opening
  2. thanks for your reply) I attached a link to the CodePen and expanded the description
  3. It is necessary that when clicked, the animation of the menu would work out and when clicked again, the menu would simply close, without reverse. But when you open the menu again, so that the animation is played again. I will be very grateful for your help) It is necessary that after opening the menu, the menuItemsAnimation animation is triggered.And after the menu was closed, it simply left with it, without reverse, so that the user would not wait until it worked.That is, so that it simply works every time it is opened