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  1. Thanks for the reply @GreenSock! Thats my mistake about the large codepen, although i think your two comments have sent me in the right direction!!! I'll keep at it. Thanks for the help!!! If i'm still a bit lost, i'll dumb everything down to a simple example and show it!!
  2. Hey all! I'm trying to make a sort of unscramble effect, where the images are in a grid formation, and on load are randomized in position, but then unscrambled into position. And i've used flip to animate the unscrambling, but i'm running into an issue. The issue is that because of the way the code works, child nodes are swapped into their correct position, but during this time one of the nodes that is merely being swapped for the other node to be in the correct place, might get called to swap position and it causes it to jitter and jerk around. I was wondering if there was something i could do to fix it. Although you cannot see the images in the codepen, the placeholder image should still show the issue i'm having. I'm sorry if the javascript is a little difficult to read, i'm still learning!
  3. @OSUblakeHey, i wholeheartadly take my statement back! You were absolutely correct. One thing i failed to take into account, is that on mobile devices, overflow-X:Hidden is ignored if it is in the body tag. I just wrapped everything over a main div and applied it to that instead. thank you so much for your help!
  4. If it helps, i will say that changing the width of the class: 'horizontaParent' to 100% brings back some of the scroll behaviour but obvious not how i want it to be but yeah thanks all!!!!
  5. hey thanks for the reply @OSUblake. Yeah i've already tried putting that, it just wasn't deployed yet!!! I'm really baffled. I've re-edited the intial post and added a code-pen, but i don't think you can see the problem in code-pen, only when on dev-tools response with touch enabled, or on a mobile device.
  6. Hey all, I've recently dabbled with making a mock website using horizontal scrolling of GSAP, and i've encountered a problem which i'm unsure why is occuring. The site works perfectly on desktop, and even at the same resolutions as mobile when touch input is disabled, but when it is enabled the horizontal scroll breaks as well as some other things such as AOS which also breaks. I'm unsure why it occurs. Putting it up on code-pen doesn't show the problem, however the github repo below has a live github pages link and the code can be seen there as well: https://github.com/Sooova/Validus-Studios-Concept the github pages link is here: https://sooova.github.io/Validus-Studios-Concept/ if someone could help me out i would be so greatfull!!!!!