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  1. Ok, sorry to be a further pain. So the position parameter sort of helped, let me just explain what I'm trying to do (I've also updated the codepen to illustrate the problem): I have the main timeline `parentTimeline` and I want the child timelines (in this case `childTimeline1`) to run in parallel once they've been activated by the parent timeline, so: parentTimeline: 0-----1-----2-----N-----... childTimeline1: \0-----1-----2-----N-----.... So essentially the child timelines have a duration of 0 and are only triggered by the parent timeline, but the parent timeline doesn't wait for them. I hope that makes sense.
  2. So what I'm trying to achieve is fading in and scaling the first cat at the same time. The reason I can't just do: timeline.to(cats[1], 1, { opacity: 1, scale: 2 }); Is because I want to have independent nested timeline groups. Any ideas?