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  1. Hi, thanks for the reply, the kill you mention above is completely kill the whole timeline? My current situation is the timeline will have many tweens (using .to and .from), and I need to edit/remove some of those tweens, but when remove I expect it come back original position but it doesn't, now have found solution that I will use .fromTo(), it more easier to control the tweens in timeline. Thanks for you help
  2. Hi, how to kill the tween in time line and make it go back the original position? You can try the codepen, let it run finish, press kill button but still nothing happen https://codepen.io/ngocducdim/pen/rNdabRX?editors=1111
  3. Hi, I want to ask can animation synchronize with timeline? Mean first we define the timeline then animation will start depend on the timeline, for example the timeline have 10 second and will run from 1 to 10, at second 2 the animation A will start and at second 6 the animation B will start, if user seek at second 7 the animation B will start half way instead from start, like ScrollTrigger with scub, for example: // Create timeline with 10 second const timeline = gsap.timeline({duration: 10}); // At second 2 this animation will run gsap.to('divA', {x: 100, y: 100, startAt: 2}); // At second 6 this animation will run gsap.to('divB', {x: 900, y: 900, startAt: 6}); // Start count from 1 to 10 timeline.start(); // When user click will seek to second 7 document.querySelector('timelineBar').addEventListener('click', function() { timeline.seek(7); }); Thanks
  4. Ah no, just done the animation yesterday, thank you
  5. https://codepen.io/dim0147/pen/GRONVjW This is what I have done
  6. Hi, sorry I don't know to describe the context, I want implement the animation like this, when user scroll down it will show each person from bottom to top and then user scroll up it will revert back, I have try ScrollTrigger and don't know how to implement correctly, does anyone can give me the example? Thanks