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  1. Hi Jack, apologies for the belated reply, I've just seen. Yeah this is correct. In Chrome & Edge. I'm not sure either but appears to be the case, but like I say, this seems to be inline with the other site I was referencing. Yeah sure: Mac - M1 Chip - OS 11.2.3 Chrome: v101.0.4951.64 Edge: v101.0.1210.47 Safari: v14.0.3 Firefox: v100.0.0 Let me know if there's anything else.
  2. Hi Jack, thanks for getting back to me. Yeah, I know what you mean, that's why I was thinking the same and wasn't sure if I was missing anything. It was actually the normalizeScroll and setting this to true. In Chrome this changes the scroll 'speed' (?) almost, or does something in Chrome? Other browsers to doesn't appear to affect this so much, but this is inline with the other sites I referenced anyway & what client was looking for so all good. Not 100% the reason for it, but I'll read through some of the doc's and see if I can make sense of it! All sorted though. Thanks for both your help & thanks for the amazing products as always!
  3. No worries Cassie, appreciate the help 🙂
  4. Ahh I see. That could be an issue then actually and this might not work. Would this be the only way to add that 'speediness' to the scroll, rather than it feeling a little heavy / sluggish? I know something like asscroll has something similar to the feeling I want: https://codepen.io/ashthornton/pen/pobJRQX?editors=1010 Maybe even Locomotive too. I just really appreciate the seamless integration with the rest of the GSAP plugins, along with the data-speed and data-lag, so if there was a way to keep it all working 'in house' and get a similar speed & ease, that would be amazing. Thanks again
  5. Thanks Cassie, really appreciate the help! It seems like it's getting there and that's a point in the right direction, however it seems you 'loose' that speediness scrolling in-between sections when data-speed is applied to their children? I think ideally of this to work fully, it would this need to be applied to the sections itself? Or all children of #smooth-content itself? https://codepen.io/jamesstudiothis/pen/mdXPQMe Thanks again
  6. Hi guys, Great job on the ScrollSmoother, really loving it. So simple to use and integrates perfectly into everything else. I'm trying to get a similar scroll effect to whats featured on this site https://www.exoape.com/ . It feels really responsive and quick, but has a nice glide / ease & velocity to the ease out. I've been playing around with the smooth & ease but neither seem to come close as I don't want it take longer to catch up (I don't think), almost add a velocity or something. Unless there's a sweet point with timings and eases? Any points in the right direction would be massively appreciated! Cheers!
  7. All sorted! Thanks again guys for your help! Really appreciate this forum!
  8. Hi again all, after a bit more playing it appears the 'GSAP target not found' only shows on <p> elements, but also only after navigating back to the original first loaded page. I imagine again this is an ajax issue primarily but I just thought it was strange to only happen on paragraph elements, heading tags, divs, spans etc seem to be fine, so just wanted to check it wasn't a split text thing, before I continued deeper? Cheers!
  9. Thanks for the reply guys, @elegantseagulls & @akapowl, you were both right, it was an ajax issue. Not 100% where but I rebuilt and seems to be working fine. Great to know the split text & scrolltrigger solution is a logical way to do things & there isn't a definite better way of doing things! Appreciate the help!
  10. Hi, I have a scroll trigger that triggers a split text section by line, triggered by the split text section. The demo attached is actually working and roughly what I want, however I was wondering if this could be done better or more efficiently using batch, or some other way? I primarily ask as I'm having some trouble using ajax navigation, after killing off the scrolltrigger using the id, and then reinitialising it while wrapping it in an if function with the document.querySelector(), I'm still getting GSAP target not found. This has previously worked without using split text and animating by line, so thought I'd make sure batch or another way wasn't more efficient first. Cheers