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  1. Hi guys, Just thought I'd chip in with this one & testing. Tested in Safari, must of refreshed about 50 times, and open and closed tab around 20, & also tested in Chrome Firefox, & Edge, on mobile. I couldn't replicate this, unless as Jack mentioned I was doing a diagonal scroll and it was registering it as x axis, but this seemed fairly to be expected I thought. I did occasionally notice a tiny jump on initial touch, which I assume is the browser catching up with smoothtouch, but this really was very insignifiant and probably wouldn't have noticed unless I was purposefully looking out for something (or if using less smoothtouch)—this REALLY wasn't an issue, I just wasn't sure if the two could be linked in some way? Pen I was using https://codepen.io/jamesstudiothis/full/gOdoRxy Like I say, all looking good I thought though. J
  2. Hi Jack, apologies are in order. This must have been a caching issue (unsure how on the new device 🤷‍♂️), but this seems to be working great now, even on my pen & on my original device. Feeling really, really solid!! Similar to you, scrolled up and down for a couple of minutes and it's seeming great (seemed to break after 4/5 scrolls previously). So yeah, feeling really solid and a huge improvement! Big thanks to everyone involve on the fix—really looking forward to the release. ✌️
  3. Hi Jack, Thanks for getting back to me and appreciate the effort all round. Unfortunately though this doesn't seem to have solved it for me, and fairly confident it isn't a caching thing. Cleared cache for Safari iPhone, tried in Chrome on iPhone (for the first time) and on a second device. Maybe someone else can try to confirm though? https://codepen.io/jamesstudiothis/pen/gOdoRxy Hoping I'm wrong and this is the fix though Let me know if there's anything else I can do or any other debugging!
  4. Thanks @GreenSock! Really appreciate it. And re. the "Draggable/ScrollSmoother type: 'x' problem", now I've got it into a pen, I actually think it's a Draggable/NormalizeScroll issue. This is fixed since 3.11, so totally understand it's probably not urgent right now. It was just, this was the reason I updated to 3.11.4 from 3.10.4, so if there was a 'quick fix' with this on 3.10.4, I'd be happy to keep with 3.10.4 until the iOS jitter thing was fixed. (or perhaps, it might actually help get to the bottom of the iOS jitter thing in some way?) Here are the two pens with 3.10.4 & 3.11.4. If you try on iOS, Draggable type: x doesn't seem to work with 3.10 & NormalizeScroll. Included videos as well for reference. As you can see you can still scroll up and down, while dragging. 3.10.4: https://codepen.io/jamesstudiothis/pen/xxaOjdN https://www.dropbox.com/s/gin43gz7glg9ymj/RPReplay_Final1677180912.MP4?dl=0 3.11.4: https://codepen.io/jamesstudiothis/pen/GRXgYJK https://www.dropbox.com/s/e88mi4ygudo9q4u/RPReplay_Final1677180966.MP4?dl=0 Like I say, totally understand this isn't as urgent as the the jitter thing on iOS as it's now fixed any way on 3.11 anyway—but wondered if there was a known fix with 3.10 or perhaps it could help in some way? Cheers!
  5. Thanks @GreenSock! Not to worry at all—definitely know the 2am coding hole! haha. If there's anything I can do to help / debug / test—I'm more than happy to help. Not just to speed things along, but I know how much of a massive resource & asset GSAP has been for me & our projects, so happy to help and give something back if I can. Feel free to give me a shout back on here, or my other account @jamesstudiothis (didn't realise I was logged in on my old account in this browser), always happy to help. But I'll keep an eye out on future releases either way! & Thanks @Cassie. Wow, I didn't know Match Media existed in GSAP 🤦‍♂️, I have a very simple boiler plate set up myself for js media queries but this looks like a game changer.—cheers for highlighting. I don't know if it'll be applicable in this case due to the WebGL bits, & some pinning (which are integral, even on mobile) we have going on, but I'll have a play! Big thanks again ✌️
  6. Haha, sorry. But of course—no worries. Any idea if / when there might be a fix for this (rough timeline, I know hard to know right now)? — I just have a couple of projects on right now and wondering about smooth alternatives and if needed. Or alternatively any idea what the Draggable, type: "x" / ScrollSmoother issue could be with 3.10.4? Is there an easy way to use the 3.10.4 CDN for a pen? Thanks again. J
  7. Hi guys, In addition to this, I've just noticed this bug is actually happening on the GreenSock ScrollSmoother page: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xty2vf3whlio67p/RPReplay_Final1676804549.MOV?dl=0 Thought I'd point out & hope this helps. J
  8. Hi Rodrigo, thanks for the speedy reply! Of course, I just wasn't sure initially if it was a semi known issue & also wasn't sure how to show the draggable with 'type: "x"' issue in 3.10.4 / these jitter issues not happening with 3.10.4 versions. But here's a pen: https://codepen.io/jamesstudiothis/pen/BaOoapZ The issue happens when scrolling over the '.container--counter' divs on iOS and is intermittent, you may have to scroll a few times. I've included a video so you can see it happening too. As you can see I had to scroll a few times for it to happen, but this seems to be more apparent / frequent on my live / bigger sites: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wqw1rrqi0ob63ic/RPReplay_Final1676705134.MOV?dl=0 I also tried those beta versions with no change sadly. Again, thanks for any help!
  9. Hi Guys, Hope you're all good. I've been getting some iOS address bar jitters / show/hide when using NormalizeScroll & ScrollSmoother when upgrading from 3.10.4 to 3.11 (3.11 & 3.11.4). Seems to be pretty solid when using 3.10.4 however I have some GSAP based carousels using draggable with 'type: "x"' and this doesn't seem to work when using 3.10.4, but does when using 3.11. So I seem conflicted on which version to use at the minute. I've seen people mention about issues with the address bar on recent versions however haven't come across the draggable type x issue. Has anyone else seen either of these / know anymore or know of any fixes? I would remove the ScrollSmoother & NormalizeScroll for mobile but the sites have a few pinned elements & are using WebGL so seems to be working best with them. I've tried implementing NormalizeScroll under ScrollSmoother & ScrollTrigger. 3.10.4 seems to work better with ScrollTrigger, but 3.11 seems to have similar results. Any help / input would be a massive help as this is a bit of a headache with 2/3 sites I have ongoing ATM. Cheers!
  10. Hi guys, Hope you're good. I'm having some issues with ScrollSmoother and a pinned sections with horizontal scroll, it seems to be glitching and jumping on iOS Mobile, Safari, Chrome & Firefox. I've tried normalizeScroll as I think I read it somewhere else but doesn't seem to work? Any help / direction would be great! Thanks again J
  11. Yep, this totally makes sense & thanks for the time & clarification. What I wanted was for them to only really be disabled / paused / delayed when the 'splash screen' happened on first page load (using ajax throughout the rest of the site—killing off the triggers and reinitialising). What I have done is removed the disabling / pause from the "load" event, so they're always disabled when initialised and then just re-triggered at another point during the ajax load. This seems to be working great now (although unsure if it's the most logical 🤷‍♂️), thanks for the help & point in the right direction! Really appreciate it!
  12. Hi, Thanks for the reply! Unfortunately this isn't using document.fonts.ready.then for custom font random line breaks as suggested by Zach here: I don't know if this is the culprit in Safari but I assume it's possibly not? If anyone else could point me in the right direction of what needs tweaking within my current structure that'd be great as I need to keep this modular format.
  13. Hi guys, I have this splittext animation which starts after a 'splash screen' from a timeline. It seems to be working in Chrome, Firefox & Edge, just in safari it seems the splittext animation happens straight away. Any help or a point in the right direction would be great. Cheers
  14. Hi Jack, apologies for the belated reply, I've just seen. Yeah this is correct. In Chrome & Edge. I'm not sure either but appears to be the case, but like I say, this seems to be inline with the other site I was referencing. Yeah sure: Mac - M1 Chip - OS 11.2.3 Chrome: v101.0.4951.64 Edge: v101.0.1210.47 Safari: v14.0.3 Firefox: v100.0.0 Let me know if there's anything else.
  15. Hi Jack, thanks for getting back to me. Yeah, I know what you mean, that's why I was thinking the same and wasn't sure if I was missing anything. It was actually the normalizeScroll and setting this to true. In Chrome this changes the scroll 'speed' (?) almost, or does something in Chrome? Other browsers to doesn't appear to affect this so much, but this is inline with the other sites I referenced anyway & what client was looking for so all good. Not 100% the reason for it, but I'll read through some of the doc's and see if I can make sense of it! All sorted though. Thanks for both your help & thanks for the amazing products as always!