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  1. Super helpful thanks guys @GreenSock @mikel
  2. I think it would be super helpful for developers if there was a more comprehensive list somewhere. I am discovering some from the docs and some from the forums. In the last hour I have discovered "transformPerspective" "transformOrigin" properties after rummaging through various forum threads.
  3. Hello, Just wondering if there's a list somewhere in the documentation or elsewhere showing all the none regular css properties that can be tweened. Properties such as xPercent, rotationX, rotationY etc. Thanks!
  4. Wrapping the scrolltrigger pin in a div didn't work for me as it seemed to change the scrolltrigger progress values? Killing scrolltrigger on useEffect/useLayoutEffect unmount also didn't work. What worked was manually triggering kill() before unmounting the component. So something like this... const backBtnPress = () => { animationsRef.current.menuFadeIn.vars.onReverseComplete = () => { sTrigger.current.kill(); setNav('more') } animationsRef.current.menuFadeIn.reverse() }