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  1. Was looking for the exact same thing, it's indeed not possible to add the timeline from contentWindow, i always get an error, no matter what : Maybe the contentWindow Mechanism somehow change the signature of the variable. But i soon realize you can actually control the contentWindow's timeline with it's own functions (like pause() play() and ... progress !). So i came with this quick and dirty implementation, witch actually works : var iframe = document.getElementById("timeline1"); var iframe2 = document.getElementById("timeline2"); var timeline = new TimelineMax({id:"masterTimeline"}); var tl1=new TimelineMax({id:"timeline1"}); var tl2=new TimelineMax({id:"timeline2"}); iframe.onload = function() { var contentWindow=iframe.contentWindow; var tl=contentWindow.mainTimeline; tl.pause(0); // console.log(tl); // tl1.add(tl); tl1.to(tl,tl.totalDuration(),{totalProgress:1,ease:Linear.easeNone}) } iframe2.onload = function() { var contentWindow=iframe2.contentWindow; var tl=contentWindow.mainTimeline; tl.pause(0); tl2.to(tl,tl.totalDuration(),{totalProgress:1,ease:Linear.easeNone}) } timeline.add(tl1); timeline.add(tl2); GSDevTools.create({animation:timeline,globalSync:false}); Enjoy