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  1. Hello Team , Why does onStart callBack is triggered for the first element passed in array. tl.set([...chars], { opacity: 0 }) tl.to([...chars],{ opacity: 1, ease: Linear.easeNone, willChange: "transform, opacity", immediateRender: false, onStart: placeHand, stagger:duration / chars.length, duration : (duration/chars.length) }); in version 2 it gets called for every element that has been included in the array, if in v3 it triggers only for the first element then what will be the fix, i want to call the onStart callback for every element in the array.
  2. Yes actually i'm having timeline as a root and tween methods in sub nodes and then pass the tween methods to the root , will it be a problem ?
  3. Hello team , i'm trying to achieve e 3d cube rotation using gsap v3 tween methods, in this demo i'm rotating a cube by applying 3d css properties to the element. t1.current = gsap.timeline({paused : true}); t1.current.add(gsap.to(["#scene01","#scene02"],{ transformPerspective: 450 , transformStyle: "preserve-3d", backfaceVisibility: "hidden", transformOrigin: `50% 50% -${450 / 2}`, duration:0.000001 }),0) t1.current.add(gsap.to("#scene01",{ rotationY: -90,opacity :0.5, duration: 0.8 }),0); t1.current.add(gsap.fromTo("#scene02",{rotationY:90},{ rotationY: 0, duration: 0.8, onComplete: () => gsap.set("#scene02", {clearProps: "transformPerspective,transformOrigin"}) }),0); t1.current.play() by the end of "#scene02" i clear the transformPerspective,transformOrigin props using clearProps, if i try to seek to the time 0.2 "#scene02" looses its 3d perspective and showing a 2d rotation, clearing the props is crucial to business logic. Anyway i'm clearing the 3d css properties for scene-2 only in the onComplete callBack, by the duration of 0.2 , scene02 should still has its 3d css properties right. if not what is the solution for it.
  4. Hello Team , I'm using Gsap version 2.1.3 for the past 3 years for a project ,I have developed some logics which works fine in the previous version, recently i try to migrate it to version 3.9.1, most of my logics were breaking especially in MotionPathPlugin, and some of them were breaking even in tween methods , so i just wanna know will guys support the previous version, forever .
  5. // That's a very odd scenario , yeah you're right but for my project for many paths it has been plotted like this. in previous version ,i haven’t got any issues and kindly fix this issues by next release. Thank you for the quick response
  6. is there any changes in amount of curviness applied based on curviness parameter value in gsap version 3, Because i was used 1.25 as a curviness value in version 2, if i use the same the result is not same , now i'm using 0.5 in version 3.
  7. Sorry team it's hard for me to create a demo in codePen, but in local i get the error since those error will only throw in development environment , let pathValArr = MotionPathPlugin.arrayToRawPath([{x:155.33,y:225.01},{x:155.33,y:225.01},{x:155.33,y:225.01}]); let pathValStr = MotionPathPlugin.rawPathToString(pathValArr) but this is what the scenario is, try passing three similar coordinates to MotionPathPlugin.arrayToRawPath() method , you will get that error.
  8. I'm migrating from gsap version 2 - version 3, whenever i try to play timeline method i get this RangeError: invalid array length, i suspects this error occurs because of motionPath vars attributes in gsap.to(), i pass array of co-ordinates to path key, when i pass type:'cubic' it works fine but i dont want the type to be 'cubic', i'm looping through some keyFrames so someTIme the co-ordinates can be same, eg:- [ [ {x: 28.4991, y: 0}, {x: 28.4991, y: 0} ], [ {x: 28.4991, y: 0}, {x: 28.4991, y: 0} ], [ {x: 28.4991, y: 0}, {x: 28.4991, y: 0} ], [ {x: 28.4991, y: 0}, {x: 1074.759725, y: 0} ] ]
  9. thank you for the response . // NEXT release (which isn't released yet) :- is there any appropriate estimation like when will the next version will be released .
  10. I'm getting that issue in my project to i'm using gsap version 3.9.1
  11. @OSUblake now for some array of co-ordinate i get a sharp edged curves , how to resolve this? Instead i need smooth bending curve.
  12. @OSUblake ThankYou man that was really helpful , now for some array of co-ordinate i get a sharp edged curves , how to resolve this? i need smooth bending curve.
  13. @ZachSaucier // Are you just trying to get the raw path from the array of points? If so, you can use MotionPathPlugin.arrayToRawPath(), Absolutely yes, but the method bezierThrough() in version-2 return a different format of values. is there any possible way to get the similar values which is return in version 2 method using MotionPathPlugin.
  14. well @OSUblake, i'm trying to convert bezierThrough() to version 3 MotionPathPlugin.arrayToRawPath() the problem is that i have some sort of calculation with the values which is return by bezierThrough() , but motionPathplugin.arraytoRayPath() version 3- returns an array which is not similar to previous version. so i want to know how the second control point value of the Cubic Bezier segment has been calculated in version 2 in the keyValue called c. or is there any possible to get the same values which is returned by bezierThrough() , in version 3. thanks in advance man
  15. Hi Zach, How the keyValue of c is determined from the value return from BezierPlugin.bezierThrough(),