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  1. I made video position:fixed instead of pin and problem solved. thank you
  2. Hi, Since I couldn't reproduce my issue on codepen, I uploaded the demo here. http://66design.jp/forum-demo/1/ When I pinned element includes video, this video flickers when I scroll and left the finger from the screen. like this capture. http://66design.jp/forum-demo/1/cap.mp4 it not happens on PC. (not yet tested on Android) Are there any workarounds? thanks
  3. @GreenSock Yes! that is what I meant. I should have read the docs carefully... thank you!
  4. Hi, on Codepen demo, I made "text2" fade in after 1sec on page load. It's OK. But it's also waits 1sec when I scroll to element. I want to make elements fade in immediately when user scroll to element, but wait 1sec on page load. Is it possible? thanks
  5. @OSUblake Yes! this is exactly what I was looking for. It works like a charm, thank you!
  6. Hi, I want to make texts fadein and slideup when page loaded, then slideup again and fadeout when user scrolls down. But first letter not animated and hidden immediately. https://codepen.io/rokuta/pen/QWOwmYG I also tried fromTo instead of to for fadeout animation but it makes first animation flickers. https://codepen.io/rokuta/pen/WNXbzqR What am I missing? thanks