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  1. Sukru

    Gsap lag problem

    @GSAP Helper Hello, now I tried to explain the problem with codepen
  2. Sukru

    Gsap lag problem

    Hello, my question is a bit of a general problem in gsap projects, where I first open the pages, it seems as if the page crashes and freezes, then the animations are active, I am sharing a few examples, where do I make a mistake, can you help? Look at the text animations in these examples, it stops at startup, then the animation starts, that's exactly my problem. https://additive.netlify.app/ App js > https://sukruemanet.netlify.app/assets/js/gsap/app.js https://sukruemanet.netlify.app/ App js > https://additive.netlify.app/assets/js/gsap/app.js https://clever-seahorse-227af4.netlify.app/ App js > https://clever-seahorse-227af4.netlify.app/assets/js/gsap/app.js
  3. Sukru

    Gsap Selectric

    @GreenSock yea thank you
  4. Sukru

    Gsap Selectric

    @Rodrigo Unfortunately, I tried but this method did not solve the problem, it continues.
  5. Sukru

    Gsap Selectric

    Hello, I am making a project with gsap smooth scroller, there is a selectric selectbox plugin in it, the problem is that when the selectbox is opened, the scroll in it does not move, the page moves. Can you help me?
  6. @akapowl thank you very much
  7. Hello, I added lightGallery framework to my gsap project, it works fine, but there is a scroll problem. When I turn off the lightbox, it shifts up and down. How can I prevent this? Can you help me? I guess scroll is not locking
  8. @Cassie Thank you very much for the help. Could this effect be smoother? Because when it comes to the writing area, it stays hard and when you pull it down, it moves the same hard way.
  9. Hello, I want to reduce the initial section height while scrolling and I do this, but there is a space between the section below it? Can you help?
  10. @mvaneijgen thank you very much
  11. Hello, I want the footer part to come from the bottom like a parallax. I did it partially, but there is a space at the bottom. Can you help with this?
  12. @mvaneijgen yes i wanted to do this, thank you very much
  13. @mvaneijgen Thanks you, actually partially yes, but I want the color change when the scroll movement starts, not at a certain point. And I don't quite understand why it is based on the "content" class. Doesn't it have an effect if the scroll moves simultaneously with the pin?
  14. @mvaneijgen now there is only one scrolltrigger, i deleted the others
  15. Hello, the problem I'm facing is that when I scroll pin, the top part gets darker and smaller slowly. I made it smaller, but I couldn't center the beginning in the darkening part, you will see other markers. When I do " start: "center center , end: center center"," the markers do not appear. When the site is first opened, it is not actually white, but actually a very slightly dark color. This should not happen with white > and then > dark tone with scroll... I would appreciate it if you could help. I am sharing the test link I made in this project. https://clever-seahorse-227af4.netlify.app/