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  1. Thanks @Cassie i need to test this solution. but luckily i figured out an other solution. i have to place birds and motion path at the origin while designing. Now if I export them and use them, they work fine, i have to use transform: translate to position the birds correctly. the most important thing is the the object which will move on the path must be at the origin when exported from a design tool like Figma or Adobe xd. i appreciate your effort and will let you know my status on your code suggestion.
  2. Thank you so much you replied. i made a video to show you my problem in details. https://www.loom.com/share/a6387b6c137345b1b3210a45174de840 kindly check the video. i tried to post it here but the size is limited.
  3. Hi, this codepen is not working correctly (codepen url https://codepen.io/Umairliaqat/pen/eYGaNJV i am experiencing same issue on my website. code is not working in chrome but working in safari. this codepen is working fine but not working on my website. https://codepen.io/Umairliaqat/pen/VwMovJm it has been more than a week since i am stuck on this issue. this is draining my energy and time. can anyone please help me here. i tried to use css offset path which work fine in chrome but don't work in safari so i switched to gsap and still hanging. i have already used svg * { transform-origin: center; transform-box: fill-box; }