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  1. Hey Everyone, i'am trying to Animate a Group inside of an SVG based on if the Path is scrolled past the Point. Currently the Point is getting visible once the Page loads. But it should only appear or disappear if the line has moved past that Point. I've tried to put it into the Timeline but it didn't seem to work. It should be linked to the ScrollTrigger as the Path animation. Thanks in advance for the help!
  2. Hey there, i'am trying to do something like this Scrolling Image Sequence, but i want to add some pauses in between. For Content like Text and Images to slide in and while i am scrolling. The Image Sequence should stop for that period of time while the Content Changes. If every Content was displayed the Image Sequence should move on towards the next Frame where another Pause should happen so on and so forth.
  3. Hey @akapowl, this is exactly what i wanted. But is there a way that i can disabled the Scrub for the Sublines. They should just move in after scroll and change if scrolled through. But the Animation itself should not be scrollable if they swap.
  4. I am trying make my Sections Scroll through like in this example, but i want to extend the Time between Sections, aswell as have two Sublines. So if i enter a section the Headline and the first Subline is revealed and if i scroll more the first subline is replaced by the second Subline.