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  1. Hi @OSUblake, I will try out smooth scrolling today as you mentioned. Regarding the x-axis issue, you can find it at around 0:04 of the video(https://www.dropbox.com/s/062qt3l9j2mc8lb/gsap-safari-x.mov?dl=0). I am attaching a screenshot. There is a white portion on the right side of the page when you scroll the first image first time.
  2. Hi, I was creating a simplistic horizontal sliding animation on vertical scroll. Everything seems to be solid on Chrome and Firefox but there is some glitchy behaviour on Safari. My observations: 1. When going from first image to second image the first time there is an x-axis glitch. 2. On scrolling up fast there is some kind of jumping on y-axis. Here is a video to explain the glitch. https://www.dropbox.com/s/062qt3l9j2mc8lb/gsap-safari-x.mov?dl=0 Thanks for your help!!!
  3. The Timeline play() method with ScrollTrigger is not working after the pin starts. Overview: There are 3 sections(red, blue, yellow). The blue section is pinned with ScrollTrigger. In the blue section there is a cyan box animated with the help of TimeLine(initially the animation is paused). There is button below the cyan box to play the animation/timeline. Steps to check: 1. Scroll to a point so that the blue section is not pinned yet and you can see the cyan box and the "ANIMATE" button. 2. Press the "ANIMATE" button and it should animate as many times as you press the button. 3. Now scroll more into into the blue section so that the blue section gets pinned. 4. Now try to click the "ANIMATE" button and you will see the TimeLine is not playing. The "ANIMATE" button will not work once the pinning starts so reload the page and follow steps 1 and 2 to see that the animation did indeed work befoer the pinning. This maybe a trivial mistake on my part. Thanks for your help.