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  1. Hey! Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Got it working! Thanks @akapowl for your guidance. https://codepen.io/mccjo806/pen/LYOYweE
  2. @akapowl thanks very much for your help. And your quick response. I've played around with it over the weekend and can't get this last part to work. The goal is that the slide (e.g. section TWO) is pinned in place while the image is revealed (flex-grow to 0). Once flex grow is 0, the slide remains pinned and the next slide moves on top of it. Effectively it's: Animation 1: flex-grow to 0 Animation 2: next slide moves on top of current slide Slide is pinned for both animations Repeat on section THREE https://codepen.io/mccjo806/pen/zYPOojE
  3. Hello, I want the images on sections TWO and THREE to be revealed by changing the flex-grow on .scrubScroll__dark to 0. So it would be: Scroll to section TWO Pin section, as user scrolls down reveal image (.scrubScroll__dark flex-box to 0) Keep scrolling and section THREE appears on top of section TWO I want the same funcionality for section THREE. I tried using onEnter and onEnterBack to call the function to change the flex-grow value, but is seems to run on page load, not on entering the section. I also tried using timeline, but couldn't get that working either. I'm new to gsap in general. Any help would be very much appreciated 🙂