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  1. I have an animation on my page and Im trying to add another one. First animation works with scrolltrigger and changes heigh of some elements, that brokes start/end position for my second animation. When I refresh scrollTrigger before my second animation this time it brokes my first animations start/end position and can't reverse it on scroll. So my question is 'is there a way to refresh scrolltrigger for just one scrolltrigger animation' ?
  2. That doesnt seem to be problem. I added a minimal demo to codepen.
  3. I'm using clip path to draw shapes but some of them leaves black traces behind. I tried changing clip path opacity, fill and stroke values but nothing changaes. What should do to solve this issue? Here is live link: https://demo.pentayazilim.net/daf-kilit/product.php SOLVED: Issue was missing fill on line.
  4. Oh, didn't know that. data-lag works perfecly, It's a shame that data-speed can't be same. I will move on with scrollTrigger then. Thank you.
  5. I'm using ScrollSmoother and data-speed attribute. Using data-speed="2" value changes object transform from its original position, before scrolling. I'm using complicated scss files so can't create a simple demo but you can see the example of problem I'm having here:
  6. Thank you i didn't know about batch. That solved my problem.
  7. Hello, I'm looking for help something I couldn't work around. What I'm trying to do is with foreach and scrolltrigger animate each image, but I'm also trying reverse the animation for not current images. What should i do to solve this problem? You can see full demo here: https://demo.pentayazilim.net/bati-ip/
  8. @OSUblake Yes, I realized that just after creating this topic. My problem is solved. Thank you.
  9. I'm trying to animate object with scrollTrigger. It works correctly on codepen and it also works with pinType: transform. But on project it dissappears when start point kicks in and reappears when pinning ends. The issue is probably not related to gsap but I couldnt find a way to work around. What do you think I'm doing wrong? Project url: https://demo.pentayazilim.net/ruya-dizayn Video of issue: https://streamable.com/m9hrvm Solved to issue: If triggered/pinned object's container has transform, its not working properly...
  10. I'm trying to animate my main menu on hover. There is real and placeholder text for menu items and the animation is hide placeholder and show real text with split text stagger. It works perfectly if you hover and release mouse slowly. But when you move your cursor over menu items fastly, some animations stuck in the middle of it. What can I do to prevent this issue? Here is the video of issue: https://streamable.com/7j8wgq
  11. https://prnt.sc/B1LEe1wDYEWP This litte triangle was to blame. I was trying to move it based on longer lines on side of it. But safari was miscalculating offset().top. Thank you all for your help. Have a wonderfull weekend.
  12. @elegantseagulls I simplified it as much as I can.
  13. I have a section, that i'm using gsap. Everthing is okey with chrome and firefox but when i scroll while using safari, whole pinned section is flickering. You can try with codepen or test the issue from here: https://demo.pentayazilim.net/ravena/ I tried changing scrub value, pinReparent and anticipatePin so far. Is there a way to prevent flickering while using pinned scrolltrigger with 100vh section for safari?
  14. Well I figured out the solution for my problem. If anyone having similar issue, there is a problem with transition + gsap using. By removing transition from my target object, my problem is solved.