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  1. Ah ok, interesting, probably not the best to rely on greensock for all of our dependancies. It's weird that @gsap:registry='...' doesn't work to single out the gsap repository? Even though it works locally, I'll check what yarn version netlify uses
  2. Just removes the hassle of setting env var NPM_TOKEN for every yarn command 😮 Any idea why setting global registry to npm.greensock.com works lol? You think there's some kind of fallback system that yarn and npm use if the registry endpoint doesn't return a package? As in, there's no issue installing any other packages even though registry is set globally to greensock domain?
  3. I can confirm that actually just making your .npmrc file always-auth=true registry=https://npm.greensock.com //npm.greensock.com/:_authToken=FAKE-FAKE-FAKE-FAKE And committing it, works too, without needing to set NPM_TOKEN environment variable
  4. Did you really just roll your own Draggable implementation? Impressive It does help, although I was hoping to be able to modify the scrub value so I could change the dragging behaviour compared to scroll behaviour, now I'm thinking I'll try this custom tween solution for getting a different drag behaviour too? ps. had no idea you could target a scrollTrigger with gsap.to ?! that's wild thanks so much for the reply you went above and beyond, gonna help a ton
  5. I have been working on a homepage redesign for a company, and they want the scroll animation to work via A, scrolling, B, dragging, and C, clicking on arrow buttons on mobile. For A it was easy enough to do a ScrollTrigger timeline, for B I implemented Draggable and did an onDrag scrollTrigger.scroll() call, but for C, I want to slow down the scroll speed, since I'm calling scrollTrigger.scroll(someScrollAmount), It seems there is an ideal scrub value for each use case, so I would love to be able to set scrollTrigger.vars.scrub, and have it change the scrub value for when I call scrollTrigger.scroll() manually. I've made a small reproduction here with big UP and DOWN buttons https://codepen.io/lopupen/pen/oNGQbOB