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  1. Many thanks @akapowl, you've been very helpful.
  2. Hello @akapowl, Thanks for your swift response. The part on posting a minimal demo is well noted. Also, the examples given are ideal, the first one suits my use case perfectly, however, I noticed it scrolls infinitely, any suggestions on how to disable infinite scrolling from that example?
  3. Hello, Newbie alert! I want to achieve a scroll snapping and pinning effect on a website, something similar to what is used on this website - https://skolkovoforbusiness.ru/features/#landscape. I want each section to scroll into 100vh, and to pin. I don't want a user to scroll through several sections at once. I have been able to achieve the snapping effect with help from this community but I can't figure out how to make it pin, and not scroll multiple sections at once. This is my website - https://everwin.webflow.io/. Thanks in advance.
  4. Thank you very much @Cassie, for your help.
  5. Hello I am really new to GSAP. I am looking to use GSAP for full page section scrolling, replicating the same effect on the site - https://skolkovoforbusiness.ru/en/features/#home. Can the scrollTrigger plugin be used to handle this completely? Also, I would really appreciate any recommendations on resources like a learning path to get familiar with the library. What is the best way to learn GSAP?