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  1. Thanks in advance! I am very much a GSAP newbie, so sorry if I haven't formulated my questions in the best manner. I am trying to create an horizontal scroll display with no fancy animations, just a smooth scroll. That said, after starting and fiddling with one of your examples I have 3 issues I need help on: 1 -- how do I avoid the bump jump at the beginning of the scroll; 2 -- at the end I would like to display a full-screen panel, which will have a form in it. So far I have been unable to achieve; 3 -- the panels will be of various widths and heights -- determined by their content. Some start from the top, some from the bottom, with a variety of margin settings to create variety. Within the horizontal scroll, if I resize the browser, I would like all these panels and content elements to maintain their proportions in a fluid manner. I have attempted to accomplish this using vw and vh units, but perhaps I should be using percentage units, at least for some of this. So: what is the cleanest manner of achieving such an horizontal scroll component with panels of varying widths and heights, some from the top some from the top, and at the end having a full width panel? Thanks for the wonderful tool - Scrolltrigger -- and thanks in advance for whatever help you offer. It is much appreciated.