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  1. Thank you both a lot! Both versions work. I am sorry for posting so much code, I tried to simulate it in a simpler way but I couldn't reproduce the problem (because the problem was not with GSAP obviously). I was very stuck. Thanks again!
  2. Hi everyone I'm using GSAP to animate the lyrics of a song. For that I am trying to use nested timelines. I create the animation in their own timelines in separate functions, to reuse them later. These timelines are returned and added to a base timeline. However if I do that, only the last sub-timeline added executes. You can switch out lines 26 and 27 in the codepen to test it out. On their own, both sub-timelines work. // switch these lines to try out the different functions // only the last line will be exectued baseTimeline.add(setUpCrossingLines("testTextTestTextTestText"), "<"); baseTimeline.add(setUpFlag(flagLines), "<" Am I handling the timelines wrong? Thanks for any tips or help.