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  1. Thank you so much both of you, it works now
  2. But still, it doesn't work.. I've been looking through all demos, but couldn't find the the issue I'm having here. I kinda tried to increase the "end" property to +=2000%. in that case dot is perfectly growing but the text sticks to the bottom and doesn't come up.. pls help me to fix it https://codepen.io/edward99/pen/rNGKJRQ
  3. I'm sorry I didn't get, can you be more specific? or can you show me how to do it? I tried to put them in same container but don't know how to pin it https://codepen.io/edward99/pen/PoJaQqo
  4. I tried, but when I scroll the text also going up, how can I fix it? https://codepen.io/edward99/pen/GRMGvrY
  5. Hi, I don't know how to achieve something like in the link below. https://postimg.cc/t7stKdGx The circle will be invisible at first, then when we scroll the page, it should start growing and take the full screen and when we scroll more the text should come from right to left. I would really appreciate if someone helps me. Thanks, in advance