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  1. Yes, but that's not the problem. You have to be in the full screen mode in sandbox to see the cursor + refresh few times to see the bigger cursor appear if it did't already. The problem is that if you navigate to Example and then back to Home page the cursor won't scale anymore when hovering on the button for some reason BUT if I take the page transition off from nuxt.config.js then the cursor works just how it should.
  2. Hi, you have to refresh few time for it to work + you have to be in the full screen mode in sandbox!
  3. Hello, I added a sandbox of the problem to the question now!
  4. I'm building a nuxt site with a gsap custom cursor and gsap page transitions. My problem is that the custom cursor won't work after page has transitioned but without the page transition the cursor works perfectly. So what I'm trying now is to call the cursor init method after enter() function in nuxt.config.js. I tried to setTimeout for 500ms, it seems to work after 500ms but not sometimes + the user experience gets bad because the cursor lags for a half second and then starts working. My second approach was to toggle a boolean in nuxt store and and then run the init function inside the customCursor.vue component but it seems it is not possible to get access to vuex store from nuxt.config.js file. So now I'm a bit stuck and can't figure out how to init this cursor after the enter() has run (or is that even the problem) I'll appreciate any help a lot, thank you in advance! (sorry for my english) Here's the sandbox of the problem: https://codesandbox.io/s/lucid-cookies-yvr2z?file=/nuxt.config.js