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  1. this is my pclient project website. i fork the codepen and edit the website like that. the problem is i cant make the whole thing to be mobile responsive
  2. @_Greg _ it posibly to use latest version of gsap? Can you find me to the similar example?
  3. im so sorry for asking again. if you dont mind to help me i just want to know what plugin of this website use https://canalstreet.market/
  4. hello everyone i tried to make smooth scroll with https://greensock.com/docs/v3/Plugins/ScrollTrigger/static.scrollerProxy() but nothing works. anyone can help me? same as in ssk.com
  5. i want the when i clicked the Section 1 it moved like this codepen but just in ScrollToPlugin function: https://codepen.io/bassta/pen/kDvmC
  6. sorry for late reply @OSUblake here the mini-demo i just added scroll to plugin follow trought the scrollTo Puglin with button. any advice to make it to be menu not by button but by <a> / href link? i mean i want to force the section going to a section with scrollToPlugin with just Href="#sectionid" please se my mini demo: it worked but in random direction when it clicked. https://codepen.io/feyberho/pen/qBPYZdw
  7. @OSUblake Pardon me sir, but i'm difficult to link my section. can you give me the example from this reference how to move to another section with href or scrollToPlugin? https://codepen.io/GreenSock/pen/XWeJXVz
  8. wow @OSUblake this is really helpful. but i think when i set menu link its not working. hehe. thank you so much sir
  9. just finished watching all the video you mention. also i think i can understand little bit about gsap. but i have to rewatch the video more and more. thank you so much @Cassie
  10. alright then @Cassie thanks for reply me so fast. btw, where can i found the explanation video? please mention the link.
  11. no idea after try this solution. its seems my code not work or i confuse to put the right code. so i try to make my website works using this reference https://www.ssk.com/
  12. thank you @Cassie for quick response. and im sorry that i cannot understand all the code of gsap. i mean i just see on code pan and just copy paste it in my codding panel. 😅 but let me see first about scrollTo plugin you gave.. ok my bad. its already working well after i change gsap version to the newest. https://codepen.io/feyberho/pen/qBPYZdw
  13. sorry im very new in gsap. so i want anyone to help me with my request 1. make my linked menu move to a section 2. make my codepen tobe an infinity scroll