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  1. Hmm, i'm not sure, but i seem to get better results if i leave on a empty soundtrack in the FLV ( normally i'd disable it entirely ) Without sound track http://edweb.dk/Temp/videoloop/greensockvideoloop.html <-- this runs fine for a couple times, then it starts to jump: With empty sound track http://edweb.dk/Temp/videoloop/greensockvideoloop2.html
  2. Another thing.. when testing the video "repeat" option, it seems to work better locally than when it's being played back online =/ ( not sure if this is correct =P ) Online test: http://edweb.dk/Temp/videoloop/greensockvideoloop.html Source files: http://edweb.dk/Temp/videoloop/GreensockVideoLoop.fla http://edweb.dk/Temp/videoloop/videoloop.flv Actually when testing the files locally, it loops pretty good =/ why can't it do the same when online? Edit: from looking at the online videoloop, it's seems that it does not rewind fully.. Any comments on this would be apreciated Edit2: Changed the test video, (burnt-in progressbar + framecount)
  3. I'm interested in how to obtain a good looping experience with a FLV. Sofar it does not work as expected. The weird thing is that my loop (which is 1024x688) loops perfect once or twice, then it starts gettting jumpy. I tried adding a cue point at the end and the start. I also tried using constant bitrate over variable.. havent suceeeded yet. I even thought about recording the loop as bitmap frames, and replay the loop from those. Probably the best solution, the only issue is that, it would require a good size of RAM (the SWF and FLV framerates runs independantly =/ )
  4. Being a bit lazy..would same approach work for TweenMax AS3?
  5. Ok i think i found it, here's the basics if anyone needs it.. function pauseTweensIn(mc:MovieClip,doPause:Boolean){ if(doPause !== false) doPause = true; for(var i:String in mc){ if(typeof(mc[i]) == "movieclip"){ var tweens = TweenMax.getTweensOf(mc[i]) for(var t in tweens) tweens[t].paused = doPause } } } // Usage Pause: // pauseTweensIn(containerMc) // Usage Resume: // pauseTweensIn(containerMc,false)
  6. Hi I'm tweening movieclips that get's added with attachMovieClip (simple particle system) - For now i dont even use an array to keep track of the movieclips, i simply use onComplete to remove each movieclip when the tween is done. Problem: I need to be able to pause these tweens, apparently i could create an array of the Tween instances ...but,.. is there another way? =P I can loop through the movieclips, but how to pause their animation, without having their Tween instance reference, and without using pauseAll? (as i have other animations running elsewhere) Thanks
  7. Ok, that did not work I tried to trace a bit.. var i = 0 var curParent:DisplayObjectContainer = this.parent; while (curParent) { i++ trace("--"+i) if (curParent.hasOwnProperty("loader") && curParent.hasOwnProperty("rawContent")) { trace("YO!!") Object(curParent).loader.addEventListener("unload", dispose, false, 0, true); } curParent = curParent.parent; } function dispose(event:Event):void { //do cleanup stuff here like removing event listeners, stopping sounds, closing NetStreams, etc... trace("HALLELUJA!") videoBg.dispose(); } No matter if the swf gets loaded or runs "standalone" the while loop runs one time, and above outputs: --1 I know i could create a "cleanup" function in the slide, call that, then unload.. But i was actually looking for something like what you suggested Carl.
  8. Hi, I'm a little new to AS3 Im currently creating a "presenter-app" that loads in "slides" (swf's) I simply click next/prev to show the current slide, so only one slide is visible at a time. So every time i "change slide" i wait for unload, and then use the same loader to load the next slide. Sofar this has worked (ot at least it seems to) The Problem: Now one of the subloaded slides uses VideoLoader to load in a video background (FLV), it seems that this does not get unloaded properly,,(when going back and forth, video gets slower each time) I tried to add code to the main timeline of the slide.swf loaderInfo.addEventListener(Event.UNLOAD, function(){ trace("UNLOAD") videoBg.unload() }); .. But this never get's called. Any pointers to what i could do would be great, Thanks
  9. Ok, i downloaded latest version (12) , and now it seems to be working!
  10. Using VideoLoader awesomeness.. but having small problem.. Looking at http://www.greensock.com/as/docs/tween/com/greensock/loading/VideoLoader.html It seems i should be able to use repeat:-1 But when i try: var videoBg:VideoLoader = new VideoLoader(path+"video1.flv", {repeat:-1 ,name:"myVideo",container:mcVideoBg,bgColor:0x000000,autoPlay:true, volume:1}); videoBg.load(); It does not work? , i also tried with repeat:3 Am i doing something wrong? Edit: Does not work, as in; plays only once
  11. Hi, if i want to make a videoplayer that plays more than one file, should i reuse the VideoLoader instance like this? myVideo.unload(); // even necesary? myVideo.url = "myOtherVideo.flv"; myVideo.load(true); Or should i rather create a new VideoLoader instance each time?
  12. After looking a littlebit at ContentDisplay it's definately the answer i was looking for. Thanks for the pointer Carl //Abstract var video:VideoLoader = new VideoLoader("test.flv", {name:"myVideo",container:myPlayer, bgColor:0x000000,autoPlay:true}); /*..Later..*/ video.content.scaleMode = "proportionalInside"; function onStageResize(e:Event){ video.content.fitWidth = stage.stageWidth; video.content.fitHeight = stage.stageHeight; } Oh well..i got to play with AutoFitArea, which is also quite nice, but for this particular one i will use this solution instead.
  13. Ok thanks for the reply, i'll be sure to read up on ContentDisplay I used last option and wrapped the container in AutoFitArea, it works out nicely! Edit: I used the last approach since i want scaleMode/Aalign options also. Didnt' and still don't know if they are available through DisplayObject, but i'll find out ^^
  14. Hi making a little run through of the VideoLoader..sofar everything is great, the only problem is figuring out how to properly resize the videoarea It seems from looking at the scaleMode argument that you set a value for the greensock AutoFitArea? So i guess the right way is to somehow modify that instance?, but how do i get a reference to the AutoFitArea instance? ..or is it better/easier to disable scaleMode argument entirely, and do sizing and cropping in a custom AutoFitArea that wraps the video display object? Thanks
  15. Thanks, but aren't we supposed to use video.gotoVideoTime(time:Number, forcePlay:Boolean=false, skipCuePoints:Boolean=true)
  16. Awesome! , i didnt know of VideoLoader About count.. should'nt stuff be done external..? imo this is bloatness Imo loop:true/false comnbined with onComplete is enough? myCount = 0 myOnComplete(){ myCount++ if(myCount < 5) myVid.gotoVideoTime(0,true) }
  17. OK, AIR is especially touchy.. AIR-SWF will always run with sandboxType="application"; If i load the SWFs normally, using SWFLoader, the SWF files from app-storage:/ will have have sandboxType="localWithFile"; But if i instead read the file binary and use loadBytes(data,context) , with loader context.allowLoadBytesCodeExecution= true - then the "loaded" SWFs gets sandboxType="application" - Apparently this is the "trick", i'm not entirely sure what consequences it will have in the big picture, but it makes the font-load-thing work!!! -- I got definitive answers from this article: "ApplicationDomain dirty secrets." http://code.google.com/p/maashaack/wiki/ApplicationDomain -- Now i have to see if i can get LoaderMax to load binary data and then use that data in loadBytes...
  18. And oh yes, this is definately not a complaint! Knowing "greensock syntax" from AS2.. Being new with AS3 , using your stuff for AS3 makes things more comfortable - it's just great.
  19. Yeah, i know.. i just seek advice among the wise ^^ And yes i tried Adobe forums.. I'm using the technique herehttp://www.scottgmorgan.com/runtime-font-embedding-in-as3-there-is-no-need-to-embed-the-entire-fontset-anymore/ <-- oops corrected wrong link But instead of getting the font class like this (dont even know how to this way - with LoaderMax) var FontLibrary:Class = event.target.applicationDomain.getDefinition("_Arial") as Class; Ofcourse with LoaderMax i get the class by using: var FontLibrary:Class = event.target.getClass("_Arial"); -- I guess these two ways are actually doing the same for me? yes? (i thought there maybe could be difference.. wich made it fail) .. Omg. ApplicationDomain?.. LoaderContext?.. meeeh, it hurts my brain..
  20. Hi, i'm creating a AIR app. The main functionality of the App is downloaded to "ApplicationStorage", and loaded by the "AIR-SWF" (The SWF that makes the AIR App, it's more or less empty, and just loads the main SWF) With LoaderMax i load a fontface class by loading a SWF and then using loader.getClass("myFontClass") to get the Class, then i use Font.registerFont(myFontClass) - It works fine when just running as normal "html/flash-web-app" The problem is when i load above functionality into AIR-SWF, it doesent work anymore. When trying to register the font it gives me: So somehow when in AIR, the getClass("myFontClass") does not return the FontClass So the subload scenerio that fails is abstraclty like this: - I've been doing AS2 for ages, but I'm relatively new to both AS3 and AIR, so any tips are welcome. Note: In publish settings of the loaded SWF's i've set communction to "Local", and i apply System.allowDomain("*") - also i get no security related issues in the process - in short it works, just not when loaded by the AIR-SWF Any help for an old newbie? =)
  21. Sorry to revive old thread, - this is good..helped me progress. But what if i want to call a public function in the instantiated documentclass of the loaded SWF?
  22. It's definately a issue with EyeBlaster only.. So i guess it's not your fault =P I would just like to fix it.. About example.. it's litterally breaks just with , anything, even the simplest example.. it only works the first time..second time it breaks. Ill pm you a preview link for a eyeblaster ad i'm doing right now.. Eyeblaster confirms problems with TweenMax, but are not concidering doing anything about it. Describes it as "cache problem" edit: i'm using AS2, havent tried with AS3
  23. Hi, i'm doing some work that involves EyeBlaster, i have previously suspected TweenLite/Max and EyeBlaster as a bad combo. here: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=1717&p=6323&hilit=eyeblaster#p6323 I wondered, is there a way to completely remove the TweenMax instance, and clear all the "under the hoodie"-stuff? Cheers
  24. I can surely reproduce the "bug".. just let me finsih my current project.. and i'll make an example. (later this week) Note: I've ONLY encountered this in eyeblaster.. and yes.. it's indeed when running live.. not in ide. Cheers Jakob