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  1. Agreed, my friend.. I am more than okay with front end development, but JS not so much... I will need to build on what basics I know... and hopefully the penny will drop haha
  2. Awesome! thanks for this... I am hoping I can wade through your demo and tutorial @akapowl ... You're right about it getting complex quickly and I think I may be out of my depth on this... which is a shame as the transition really benefits the site I am working on, I just can't seem to get the transition effect over the line having spent too long on it already! haha *project creep* - maybe if I look at it with fresh eyes (with the aid of your input above) and I can finally get it done. Thanks to everyone who offered their help! @Cassie
  3. If it helps this is the code I am using for the transition ^^
  4. function init(){ const loader = document.querySelector('.loader'); // reset position of the loading screen gsap.set(loader, { scaleX: 0, rotation: 0, xPercent: -5, yPercent: -50, transformOrigin: 'left center', autoAlpha: 1 }); function loaderIn() { // GSAP tween to strech the loading screen across the whole screen return gsap.fromTo(loader, { rotation: 0, scaleX: 0, xPercent: -5 }, { duration: 0.5, xPercent: 0, scaleX: 1, rotation: 0, ease: 'Power4.inOut', transformOrigin: 'left center' }); } function loaderAway() { // GSAP tween to hide loading screen return gsap.to(loader, { duration: 0.5, scaleX: 0, xPercent: 0, rotation: 0, transformOrigin: 'right center', ease: 'Power4.inOut' }); } // do something before the transition starts barba.hooks.before(() => { document.querySelector('html').classList.add('is-transitioning'); barba.wrapper.classList.add('is-animating'); }); // do something after the transition finishes barba.hooks.after(() => { document.querySelector('html').classList.remove('is-transitioning'); barba.wrapper.classList.remove('is-animating'); ga('set', 'page', window.location.pathname); ga('send', 'pageview'); }); // scroll to the top of the page barba.hooks.enter(() => { window.scrollTo(0, 0); }); barba.init({ transitions: [{ async leave() { await loaderIn(); }, enter() { loaderAway(); } }] }) } window.addEventListener('load', function(){ init(); });
  5. Thanks a million for taking the time to respond... I have spent this afternoon 'trial and erroring' barba based on what you sent but still no cigar... the whole transition i have on my site works as it should do... infact it looks great... its just the bit where the animations don't play once entering the new page after transition. I noticed in your GSAP you included .then(resolve()); which i thought fixed the problem... the transitions work, the animations work... but the link doesnt go anywhere, just stays on the page I am on... Maybe I am out of my depth with GSAP... I am so close I don't want to give up on it as it does exactly what I want... I am 99% there! eeek!
  6. Hey! Thanks so much for your quick response... I would happily set up a demo to help get to the bottom of this but this: could be what I am after. The site loads up perfect I then click a button to reveal a Barba transition to another page. However all the animations on the revealed page are frozen and I (think) need a command in either the Barba code or a GSAP command to PLAY these animation once the transition to the new page has been made. I seems a super simple fix, but my coding is basic. I hope this is clear and maybe @Ihatetomatoes could point me in the direction as I think it might be a Barba thing as opposed to a GSAP thing. I don't want to give up yet! I am literally using this exact code.. https://ihatetomatoes.net/demos/page-transitions-tutorial-with-gsap/ But imagine each page in this demo has animations on it... they WON'T play after each transition. I hate to be a burden to people but I feel I can really crack on once I have this part of my project solved. Enjoy the rest of your weekend
  7. Hey Guys! Great work with GSAP... I have recently installed @Ihatetomatoes's Barba on my site (kinda sucessfully) After each transition the the resulting animations dont work... as a noob to GSAP and Barba, I am probably missing a piece of code to play animations on page load... this is the bit I am stuck with... I know you dont offer 3rd party support, but I think this may be a simple GSAP fix... I can see there are (barba) hooks to return to the top of the page once the page has loaded, is there one for PLAY animations / Scrolltrigger once page is loaded... Barba has seeming broke my site, but I am not giving up on it... any help would be MORE than appreciated...