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  1. Well, awesome all the same. I'll check out v12 and try to do the beta thing to help out. Thanks for the reply.
  2. Hey all. I've been playing around with TweenMax, and I was curious of something. I really like the functionality demonstration available on the site - the ones that showcases all the Greensock Tweenmax features, particularly the one that lets you move around the bezier curves via an interface. I was wondering if something like that is available, but in another resolution? I'd love to use a program like that for prototyping some animations, but at different (particularly larger) resolutions. I've got some complicated paths in mind, but it's hard for me to mentally work out what the x/y coordinates of the points should be - whereas the Tweenmax plugin tool does a lot of the work for you. (Arrange the points/curves as necessary, and here's the as3 code used, complete with coordinates.) Anyone got advice here? And of course, my thanks to the creator for making such a useful tool. Thanks in advance.