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  1. I think a simple TweenMax.fromAll would sort this out for you, so you could put in y:0 in the parameters. They should then all Tween from the starting of y:0 to their own current y position. I've no doubt Carl will be along to put this in much better terms!!
  2. Is there any reason that you are doing the website in flash? Not really ideal for that, as you'll lose users straight away wishing to view it on iOS devices?
  3. Ah, I was too late coming to the party. I had the same issue with some animations that I was doing, and the transform.matrix did the trick. I put it as a function triggered by the onComplete thingy in the Tween that it was effecting, and solved it straight away.
  4. Head over to snorkl.tv as there is a perfect little tutorial just for this. Used the very same technique myself and it works perfectly!!
  5. Hello Jayy, I'm by no means an expert, but you could try putting in {x:500} or wherever it is you need the panel to slide off to. By having the number in quotes, you are effectively adding 500 pixels onto it's current x. position, hence it disappearing over the hills every time you click the button.
  6. Hi Carl, Thanking you in heaps for this. Awesome to see a staff badge on your icon as well. Congrats for this. And for this explanation as well. Clearly demonstrates the love and respect that Greensock absolutely deserves with this forum. I realised when I posted that the time over your way was 7.45am, it was already late afternoon and had spent most of the morning trying to snip away at the addLabel issue! Anyway, I stuck in the function to update the text on the scrubbers drag function so that it fired the onStart method when the user lets go. It's pretty crude compared to your super in depth explanation! I hadn't looked into or read anything about the callBack method. This is fantastic stuff!! If I'm reading this right, I can essentially insert/append a function into my timeline? Niiiiiice. I see some used for this already in my flash adventures! Thanks again Carl, outstanding work yet again. From over in the English Isles, I tip my hat to you sir!
  7. Stand down. Finally worked it out! Labelled my sequences with the addLabel, then on the first timeline instance of each sequence, did a OnStart - then in that function told the text to be: sequence_txt.text= int(overviewtl.currentLabel); called the function again when you use the scrubber at the bottom and it updates the sequence number as you slide it. Perfect. God I love Greensock!!!
  8. Could someone lend me some knowledge?!! Is it possible to take this addLabel string: overviewtl.addLabel("Sequence 01", overviewtl.duration); and have it update a dynamic text box on the stage. It's for client editing purposes, so they can have a reference to the sequence name within a long timelineMax build. My knowledge of AS3 really lets me down sometimes, but I usually manage from Carl's tutorials and the forums here to get what I need to work. This case, I'm stumped! I've already built in the progress bar and slider + play pause functions which all work a treat - this final bit would be the icing on the cake! Thanks in advance, Merrick