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    Thank you very much!
  2. Davidstr

    Hover animation

    Hi! I'm kinda new in the whole javascript thing, and I need a little help. I want to make a hover animation, when I hover on the "works" text, I want my image to disappear, but after that it doesn't come back The text class is ".works" and the image is ".col-one". I found this code in the forum, but I can't figure out the reverse function. let box = document.querySelector(".works"); box.addEventListener( "mouseover", () => { let droop = document.querySelectorAll(".col-one") let droopy = gsap.utils.toArray(droop); droopy.forEach( function(droop){ let move = gsap.to(droop, { opacity: 0, duration: 1, ease: "power1.out",}) move.reversed(true); move.play(); }); });