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  1. Hey, @OSUblake! I updated my Codepen. ScrollTriggers are now in separate .gsap() functions. Isn't that a bad pattern to have multiple .gsap instances of the same element? Because now I have: gsap timeline for element 1 ( el1 + el_pseudo animation) gsap.to for scrolltrigger element 1 gsap.to for element 2 gsap.to for scrolltrigger element 2 When I used your third example with scrollTrigger inside the timeline, and then .to, my animations were triggered only on the scroll and I don't want that 😄
  2. Hey! I have a problem with my small project. animation of box starts from the left to 500px if window.scrollY = 0, user can manipulate box with mouse after at least 1px of scrolling, scrollTrigger function is triggered The problem occurs when the user is moving the mouse on the screen ( it should be some kind of parallax) and there is at least 1px scroll. I would like to smoothly change the current position of the box to 'initial scrollTrigger position'. Something like snap to position? I don't know. I have added another function to position those elements > If scrollY is bigger than 0 and less than 30px But it started to get messy and started to jump all across the screen. I found GSAP Mistakes and I see that is the common problem 😅 Is there any callback to set the default position of scrollTrigger, before it starts to scroll? PS: The red border-box is here on purpose because in my real project I have three or four similar objects like this red-border.