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  1. Thanks Jack, that does! Works well with a helper function to keep the timeline code simpler: tl.add(createTextTween("#target", "Tween text goes here")); function createTextTween(target, tweenText){ var tween = gsap.to(target, {ease: "none", text: {speed: 0.4, value: tweenText}}); tween.progress(1).progress(0); return tween; }
  2. Hi All, I've been using the Text Plugin with a duration successfully in a timeline, but just moved over to the object syntax to use the speed property and have all elements type at a constant speed. Now the timeline doesn't seem to adhere to the new dynamic duration of the typing, instead of finishing the typing and then moving onto the next part of the timeline it does it straight away. Is this expected behaviour? Cheers, Giles