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  1. So I tried setting the cursor style using ExternalInterface but Flash seems to ignore the style. So the cursor style appears correct when you are outside of the Flash application but returns to the default style when the mouse goes over Flash... this is really unfortunate.


    I also tried attaching TransformManager.snapCursor() to the ENTER_FRAME event rather than MOUSE_MOVE. This fixes the slowness of the cursor but makes the cursor more "jumpy".


    Jack, maybe you could abstact the CustomCursor so that you could easily swap out the current implementation with the native cursor implementation without having to worry about maintaining multiple TransformManager code bases. For example TransformMananger could work with an ITransformCursor interface that both CustomCursor and NativeCustomCursor could implement. This would greatly improve an already awesome piece of software.

  2. Sometimes the mouse cursor will slow down when moving it over a transform item. For example when I move my my mouse pointer over any other part of the app the pointer moves at 100% speed. Then when I move the mouse over a selected transform item and the move cursor appears the mouse sometimes slows as much as 50%. Unfortunately I can not create consistent steps to reproduce.


    Has anyone else experienced this issue or have an idea what could be causing the cursor to lag?


    I am using FlexTransformManager 1.9664.



  3. Hello,


    I have a trashcan in my application where the user can drag items to delete them. This revealed a bug in the TransformManager where if you have the mouse down when an item is removed the next item that is selected will stick to the mouse.


    Here are the steps to reproduce:

    1) Add two items to a TransformManager have allowDelete=true

    2) Select one of the items and hold the mouse button down. With the mouse button down press delete to delete the item.

    3) Click the other item. Notice the item now sticks to the mouse.


    Notice these steps are slightly different than what I am doing but produce the same result. I am using FlexTransformManager 1.9663.


    Do you have any suggestions of how to work around this issue? Thanks in advance.

  4. Hello I am trying to use the FlexTransformManager in a design creation application. In the app I have multiple layers of visual elements that I want to transform. These layers are children of a <s:Group> with an alpha mask.



    Group with Alpha mask

    ->Layer (<s:Group>)








    The problem I am having is that I need the transform handles to appear above the mask but i need the visual elements to stay underneath.


    I noticed the limitation "All DisplayObjects that are managed by a particular TransformManager instance must have the same parent". So I could put a FlexTransformManager in each Layer but then the transform handles are masked.


    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.