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  1. Hey all, I'm having an issue using GSAP to scale an SVG path and clip-path element.


    The path is scaling relative to the center (which is what I'm looking for) but the clip-path is scaling relative to the top left of the the element. At first I thought it might have been an issue with "normalizing" the SVG path to fit into a viewbox with value "0 0 1 1" but that doesn't seem to be the case. (I've commented out the normalized path at the top of the file, which gives the same result).


    I've tried a few values for transformOrigin, including "50% 50%" and "center" and "center center" lol


    Is scaling relative to the center for clip-paths possible?



    See the Pen PoKgEGE by carterduong (@carterduong) on CodePen