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  1. Hi! I know there are some handy methods for naming and accessing tweens across object hierarchy, but I'm not sure about this... I have a pulsating yoyo tween on "MC" and i add a child to MC ( MC.addChild(IAmInsideMC); ) later in the app, but I want that child to ignore the pulsating Tween that is applied to it's parent... I realize that might be counter-intuitive, and there are certainly workarounds, but I'm wondering if there's a reasonable way to accomplish this? Thanks all!
  2. Gah! Figured this out... I was adding the actual video content to the stage so it bypassed all my transformations to Player.... Simple!
  3. Hi all! First off thanks for everything...! So... I have created a "Player" class which extends MovieClip and contains an array of F4V files being loaded via LoaderMax.parse ... In my Main Document Class (Main) I want to transform properties of the entire Player class (alpha, scale, etc.) however the F4V does not see the transformations....It seems I have to reference the content directly within the Main class. For example, if i simply try to set player.visible=false, after i've already added video content to the stage, It does not stick, but if I reference player.video.content.visible=false, it works... What I'm really trying to do is fade the player object out before I navigate back to a main navigation screen. I can fade each video.content individually but I'd rather just write one tween that effects the whole class. Am I missing something simple or is this larger than I think? ...additionally, these transformations DO work with NetStream driving the f4vs. But looping w netStream is ugly , as we know. Thanks!