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  1. It works guys! Thank you so much ! for your help. Great community!
  2. Thank you for your response, the problem is that the "content-box" is resizable by the user, so i can't define bounds like that, another reason is that the draggable svg are rotatable and are not with the same width and height.
  3. hi guys, i need your help, it's been a couple days that i'm trying to solve this. i have a box wich contains SVGs that are draggable, that box needs its box-sizing to be "content-box", and the draggable SVGs bounds needs to be inside the box (not touching the borders) that's why i created a bounds-box which take 100% width and height of the parent box, and set the draggable bounds to that bounds-box, it works fine , the only problem is when i zoom in or out, the bounds change after dragging the svg around and u can see that the bounds got -1px on every side. thank you.