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  1. It was!! Thank you for all the help. I really appreciate it!
  2. Ah noted, here's a minimal demo. You'll notice that the nav seems to work with the sections on the lower half of the page but gets glitchy around the squares and top 3 sections. https://codepen.io/jwoa/pen/MWVYObo
  3. Hey so the problem is that when I click "Checklist" or the logo in the nav bar I get caught in the scrolltrigger area (cat squares sliding to the left) and the anchor link doesn't complete the jump
  4. Hey! Thanks for the tip on wrapping the whole area in the div, it really simplifies things and it looks like it fixed my resizing issue!! Hoping QA doesn't find anything that I don't. I've re-uploaded the original video here for reference in case anyone else needs it: Original Issue: https://streamable.com/ycx01q @GreenSock I have another question if you wouldn't mind. I'm using "fastScrollEnd: true" to zoom through the images that move from right to left and jump to the appropriate section that's being clicked. It works on a few sections however it seems that it doesn't work for the sections above and below where the scrollTrigger animation is taking place. I've included another short video to help better explain. Menu Jump Problem: https://streamable.com/t8tj33
  5. Hmm, the codepen example is triggering the bug for me whenever I resize as well. I made the width 600px for the demos sake but we have it disabled for iPad sizes and below. I'll keep trying
  6. Hello everyone, Thanks for creating such an amazing tool. I know that this is a common issue but unfortunately I'm having a bit of difficulty fixing my problem. I've whipped up a quick demo of the problem on codepen and included a video of how it's behaving on the actual site itself. I'm pinning the three sections at the same time to keep the middle section in view with no gap but for some reason on resize just the bottom half of the scrolltrigger glitches and then dissappears. Would really appreciate some insight, thanks! VIDEO: https://www.veed.io/view/5fca3e04-1151-468e-bb65-aec9a428e537