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  1. Hey @Cassie, thank you for your answer. Your solution calls reverse immediately so the nested timeline will play backward only. I would like nested to play forward first, then to play backward. I don't want to use a yoyo because I'll be adding animations between the two plays. I have the feeling that once a timeline is added to a parent, you lose control over its playhead in favor of the parent's one. Which means what I ask is impossible, unless I create an additional animation to manually implement the reversal on nested.
  2. Hey there, I have a parent timeline which contains several nested timelines. I would like to reverse some of the nested timelines manually. But reversing a nested timeline with a delayed call does nothing. Why that or what am I doing wrong? // https://codepen.io/jeanbmar/pen/QWMJJRW const nested = gsap.timeline().to(props, { color: 'black', duration: 5 }); const tl = gsap.timeline(); tl.add(nested); // tl.add(/* ... */) // doing more stuff here in real life tl.call(nested.reverse); // this does nothing Thank you for your help!