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  1. @OSUblake I would like to set a class on the section that I am leaving during the transition. like a inprogress class. The section im leaving does not output the correct value thats shown in the console log. if I do a console.log on the section it shows isActive: false on the isActive value, however if I do a section.isActive in my console.log it shows the value of isActive set to true
  2. @OSUblake Is there a way to do a before state with the toggle class? Other wise the class is added way too late.
  3. @OSUblake There seems to be a problem with the codepen when on this page. When you click edit the codepen you should be able to see the scrolling functionality. Basically what I am trying to do is add a class on the current div as you as you leave it. onLeave and onLeaveBack seem to trigger my function too late. So am i trying to do this by utilizing onUpdate since it triggers my function instantly. I need to use the isActive prop to get the current section I am leaving and add the class to it. I can change it if it doesnt target the right div. Does this kinda make sense?
  4. im using onUpdate:(self) => currentClass(self), and im passing the properties of self into a function and when I try to get property isActive it always comes back as true even though the console log it says its false. Any ideas on why this is happening? Here is a screenshot.